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A Faith

Inspired Book

by Rayna Stephens

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My Story



Wading in a plethora of challenges as a child, I grew into a young lady with low self-esteem and insecurities.  I had began to believe I was the dysfunctional person the people I loved so dearly had spoken about me;  and I lived the role accordingly.  I frequently found myself drowning in depression and insecurities.  I began to experience a life no person should ever indulge in at such a young age.  My life was spiraling downward rapidly and I felt like I did not want to exist anymore.  In those moments of suicidal thoughts, God's sweet Holy Spirit spoke His love, to me, thru my precious baby girl.  I began to feel myself being revived.  In such a crucial moment, the Lord reassured me that He had a purpose for my life!

Although I was not certain of God's specific plan for my life, at the time, I studied and meditated on His Word.  I searched deep within my soul and learned the character of God; and in return, found my true identity in Him.  Walking the journey of transformation had a myriad of what I thought were stumbling blocks.  But as I grew in Christ Jesus, I realized that those presumed stumbling blocks were actually stepping stones leading into the purpose He had ordained for me before this world ever began....a ministry of FAITH!

I am a native of Little Rock, Arkansas.  I have been a resident of Atlanta, Georgia since 2006.  God blessed me with seven beautiful children (four biological and three god children), four grandchildren and more on the way whom I love with all my heart!  In my spare time, I love to read, cook, travel and network.  My greatest passion of all is ministering FAITH to the children of GOD!


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