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A Faith

Inspired Book

by Rayna Stephens

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My Story



Wading in a plethora of challenges as a child, I grew into a young lady with low self-esteem and insecurities.  I had began to believe I was the dysfunctional person the people I loved so dearly had spoken about me;  and I lived the role accordingly.  I frequently found myself drowning in depression and insecurities.  I began to experience a life no person should ever indulge in at such a young age.  My life was spiraling downward rapidly and I felt like I did not want to exist anymore.  In those moments of suicidal thoughts, God's sweet Holy Spirit spoke His love, to me, thru my precious baby girl.  I began to feel myself being revived.  In such a crucial moment, the Lord reassured me that He had a purpose for my life!

Although I was not certain of God's specific plan for my life, at the time, I studied and meditated on His Word.  I searched deep within my soul and learned the character of God; and in return, found my true identity in Him.  Walking the journey of transformation had a myriad of what I thought were stumbling blocks.  But as I grew in Christ Jesus, I realized that those presumed stumbling blocks were actually stepping stones leading into the purpose He had ordained for me before this world ever began....a ministry of FAITH!

I am a native of Little Rock, Arkansas.  I have been a resident of Atlanta, Georgia since 2006.  God blessed me with seven beautiful children (four biological and three god children), four grandchildren and more on the way whom I love with all my heart!  In my spare time, I love to read, cook, travel and network.  My greatest passion of all is ministering FAITH to the children of GOD!


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This book will help you no matter what part of your journey you are in. It will motivate you out of the pit and elevate you to the next level of life. This book was written from the soul and you can feel it in every line read.

Chan Phillips,

Realtor / Daughter

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